Building Relationships With Students by @megatron_46

Name: Stuart McQueen
Twitter: @megatron_46
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Drama
Position: Head of Subject
5 Bits of Advice About:  Building relationships with students

  1. Be honest about your reasons for your decisions, whether that be grouping, homework setting, rewards or punishments.
  2. Do not be afraid to let students see your mistakes. If they correct you congratulate them, likewise point out their mistakes, but model how you would like to be spoken to.
  3. Let students see your passions and enthusiasms; let them see how much you love not just your subject, but other interests too. Let them see you as a person.
  4. Be interested in them and their passions, I have learned a lot from students about a huge range of topics and it lets them know you value them and their opinions.
  5. Do all of the above, but have clear boundaries and expectations. Model how you expect to be spoken to and speak to the students like that.

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