The Photocopier by @iteachre

Name: Andy Lewis
Twitter: @iteachre
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: RE
Position: HoY 11 / 2nd in RE
5 Bits of Advice About: The Photocopier

  1. If you are lucky enough to be given a code, don’t abuse it. Middle leaders are generally very budget conscious and photocopying adds up over the year.
  2. Find out what you can get reprographics staff to do. This does involve advanced planning of lessons, but no one wants to be behind you with your 20min job.
  3. Pick timing carefully. There is always a rush 10mins before lessons begin. If your job is going to take more than 30seconds, you are going to annoy colleagues.
  4. Find a quiet time to do complex tasks, or jobs that involve cutting and pasting, especially if you are not familiar with the machine. Let staff with simple jobs jump in.
  5. If you break it, fix it. Or report it. NEVER just leave it.

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