First lessons by @big_mean_bunny

Name: Catherine Malcolm
Twitter: @big_mean_bunny
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: English
Position: Head of Department
5 Bits of Advice About:  First lessons

  1. Invest time in routines. Little things like how to enter the room, hand out papers, or answer questions in full sentences, if practised at the start, will save you time later.
  2. Learn the name of every student, preferably by the end of lesson one. A seating chart can help if you think you will struggle.
  3. Make students write in silence. You can get an idea of their literacy and their ability to follow instructions, and you can get to know them while they work.
  4. Make your expectations explicit with regards behaviour, equipment, or anything else. Do not accept less than your expectations – make them high and clear.
  5. Be the teacher. You are not their friend or their parent; remember that you are the authority in the room, not them.

One thought on “First lessons by @big_mean_bunny

  1. mathsjem

    Great advice. I am rather in awe of anyone who manages to learn 30 names in an hour – it’s not something I’ve ever managed (it takes me many weeks to learn all my students’ names) or seen any of my colleagues do. Although learning names quickly is highly desirable, I wouldn’t want an NQT to think they were failing if they couldn’t achieve this impressive feat as quickly as suggested!


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