Observations by Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
Twitter: None given
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: None given
Position: Head of Department
5 Bits of Advice About:  Observations

  1. Remember the observer is ticking boxes on a form: get a blank copy in advance to help you plan what they can tick!
  2. Ensure classes are aware of your routines eg where and when to find MWBs / glue etc. Transitions between activities are tricky to manage without clear routines.
  3. Try to smile and come across as relaxed. This could involve Oscar-worthy acting, but do it!
  4. Are there school-wide expectations for lessons, eg obs displayed throughout; silent writing; No Hands Up etc? If so, build them in so you’re not criticised for not doing them.
  5. When given feedback, ask, ‘How would you have done that differently?’ – both for your development and to give the observer a box to tick next time (acts on advice).

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