Parents’ Evenings by @amforrester1

Name: Amy Forrester
Twitter: @amforrester1
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: English
Position: Teacher and NATE Research Officer
5 Bits of Advice About: Parents’ Evenings

  1. If you’re nervous, talk to colleagues in advance. Use it as a CPD opportunity too- watch and observe other staff if you have a spare 5 mins.
  2. Make sure a conversation takes place- not just you droning on. Engage the child with questions as a basis for the discussion.
  3. Take examples of things a child has done that is excellent, or not so much. Sharing this is really powerful.
  4. Take copies of all data- academic tracking, homework submissions (especially if this is an issue). If you want to discuss a particular area, have evidence to hand.
  5. Don’t leave raising problems until parents evenings. Phone parents when problems happen so it isn’t a surprise on the night. Work with them.

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