Classroom Organisation by @mrs_standing

Name: Stephanie Standing
Twitter: @mrs_standing
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: MFL
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Classroom organisation

  1. Have a box of tissues to hand.
  2. Use the walls for posters with key words and things you want students to use in their own work. Work by the students can be displayed in the coridoor.
  3. Use magazine boxes stacked on their side to keep photocopies for classes organised.
  4. Make sure the pens you give out to forgetful students are so unattractive/uncool (mine have pink feathers on them) that the students are unlikely to walk off with yours.
  5. When dismissing classes, make sure it is well managed, so that students can return any borrowed items to you. It’s a pain clearing up after them.

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