Practical Work by @sklchem

Name: Sarah Longshaw
Twitter: @sklchem
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Science
Position: Head of Department
5 Bits of Advice About: Practical work

  1. Try out a practical before you do it for the first time in class (or at the very least ask technicians for advice).
  2. Try and link practicals to every day situations – using smaller marble chips to increase the rate of reaction is like cutting up potatoes smaller so they cook faster.
  3. Use models as well as practicals – a pot of different string lengths shows the energy required to separate different fraction sizes in fractional distillation.
  4. Focus different skills on different practicals – recording; evaluating; writing a method etc.
  5. Find different ways to present the same info – which group can get their thiosulphate reaction to mask the cross at 37s by changing the concentration?

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