Questioning by @craigos87

Name: Craig Jeavons
Twitter: @craigos87
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Maths
Position: Curriculum Coordinator
5 Bits of Advice About: Questioning

  1. ‘Why’ is the most powerful question you can ask. Never accept an answer, push for a solution.
  2. To improve engagement pose the question, give thinking time, pick student A to answer, ask student B to comment on A’s response.
  3. Throw some curveballs. Questions with 0s and 1s, letters instead of numbers or nasty looking questions with surprisingly simple answers- “So why did that work out so nicely?”
  4. Move the goalposts. Change the problem, see if they can adapt their solution ‘what if that 5 was a -5?’ etc.
  5. Record yourself in action. Turn voice record on your phone, chuck it in your pocket, listen back at your own convenience.

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