Routines by @MrsPTeach

Name: Jo Payne
Twitter: @MrsPTeach
Sector:  Primary
Subject: All subjects
Position: Year Leader
5 Bits of Advice About: Routines

  1. Have routines for the start of a lesson. E.g. line up silently, instructions on board, register.
  2. Establish a routine for responding to feedback in books. Use codes, initials and symbols to make this quick and effective.
  3. Use pupils to complete jobs. E.g. handing out books, tidying up, sorting things, giving letters or messages.
  4. Ensure each lesson ends with a similar routine. E.g. tidy things away, put books in appropriate place, stand behind chairs.
  5. Create a marking routine for yourself and try to stick to it closely to avoid getting behind. Do the minimum required by your school for the maximum impact.

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