Workload by @nicjprice

Name: Nic
Twitter: @nicjprice
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Science
Position: Former teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Workload

  1. You will start off with verbose planning and excessive resourcing. Analyse which parts are actually helpful and stop doing the rest.
  2. Identify tasks that are required but do not benefit you/the pupils. Work out what the minimum requirement is and do no more.
  3. Don’t spend time crafting or searching for perfect resources. Find resources that are ‘good enough’ and spend your time thinking about how they are used.
  4. Establish routines that mean pupils do all the menial tasks (including some marking). Drill these routines so everything runs like clockwork.
  5. Managing behaviour leeches time and energy. Don’t dwell, just follow the system to the letter, do your bit and demand that others do theirs.

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