Helping Your EAL Students by @whatonomy

Name: Whatonomy
Twitter: @whatonomy
Sector:  Primary
Subject: EAL and Literacy
Position: Head of English
5 Bits of Advice About: Helping your EAL students

  1. Expect your EAL students to be quiet (near silent) for a while, but take time to go over and chat with them. Don’t allow that silence to become part of their character.
  2. Please try not to see EAL as some kind of impediment. In all likelihood, you could have a student with a rich linguistic architecture (just not English, yet).
  3. Look at the written outcomes expected from your lessons and try to break down precisely what you are expecting your EAL students to communicate.
  4. Use the above expectations to inform an additional language objective which will actually benefit all of your students.
  5. The language-rich display and resources you create for your EAL students will actually help all of your students.

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