Speaking in the MFL Classroom by @MeganMogMFL

Name: Megan Mog
Twitter: @MeganMogMFL
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: MFL
Position: Head of Languages
5 Bits of Advice About: Speaking in the MFL Classroom

  1. Establish routine and requests in the TL, teach responses and insist on adherence! Don’t overdo gesticulation, they’ll use eyes instead of ears which defeats the purpose.
  2. Invest significant time in phonics because if students sound rubbish they won’t talk! Repeat key grapheme/phoneme combos regularly and don’t accept poor pronunciation.
  3. Hand out chatty mats; once trained, children use support materials all the time. Use display that supports speaking; phrases, opinions, connectives, etc.
  4. Mine #mfltwitterati and relevant Facebook groups; there is a wealth of stuff and FABULOUS teaching tips out there to help you!
  5. Don’t correct every error students make, encouraging communication over accuracy, initially. And remember you’re there to teach, not entertain in a foreign language. Enjoy!

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