Workload by @Cherrylkd

Name: Cherrylkd
Twitter: @Cherrylkd
Sector:  Special School
Subject: History
Position: AHT
5 Bits of Advice About: Workload

  1. You will never get to the end of your ‘to do’ list. Don’t even try. Prioritise and re prioritise.
  2. Don’t do anything on the first time of asking no matter who asks. Chances are the new initiative will be forgotten or changed.
  3. Don’t go in early and come home late or you’ll burn out, do one or the other. Don’t work more than one afternoon at weekend.
  4. If you are getting overwhelmingly stressed talk to your mentor or a middle leader. If no joy go to SLT, they have a duty to look after your well being.
  5. Don’t struggle and remember you are not alone. There are plenty of ITT mentors and NQT mentors on Twitter willing to help.

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