Being a Form Tutor by @bexn91

Name: Rebecca Nobes
Twitter: @bexn91
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: MFL
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Being a form tutor

  1. Make an effort to get to know your tutees and their interests. If you’re going to be with this group for 5 years this is even more important.
  2. Get into routines. There are so many things that tutors have to check/do every week so make sure the students know what is coming and when, it’ll make things much simpler.
  3. Encourage them to get to know each other, it’s very easy for them to get into their groups stick with them. They should be a team (or so I try to tell mine!).
  4. Get to know the parents. So many of the issues, and sometimes the positives, will drop into your inbox so get to know the parents early on.
  5. Enjoy it. You’re going to be seeing them for 15/20 minutes a day, so find an enjoyable way of making things work for all of you.

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