Lesson Planning by @pepsmccrea

Name: Peps McCrea
Twitter: @pepsmccrea
Sector:  ITE
Position: Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education
5 Bits of Advice About: Lesson Planning

  1. The things you think about during lesson planning, and the order you think about them in have a MASSIVE influence on your impact in the classroom.
  2. Start by asking yourself: what do I want my students to have learnt by the end of the lesson, and how will I assess whether they’ve got there?
  3. Followed by: What prior knowledge are they coming in with, and what learning steps do they need to go through to successfully get to the end point?
  4. And then: What experiences will help my students progress through those steps, along the simplest and shortest path?
  5. And finally: What previous learning do I want them to re-engage with, so they will remember it for longer?




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