Long Term Planning by @Teachingexperim

Name: Jen
Twitter: @teachingexperim
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Chemistry and Physics
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Long term planning

  1. Know when the ‘hard’ deadlines are, if mocks are after Christmas you need to make sure you’ve taught everything they need by then.
  2. Use the school calendar to work out when your going to lose lessons due to trips or all day assessments.
  3. Using tip 1 and tip 2, work out how many hours of contact time you have and how many hours of content you need to teach. Squash things accordingly.
  4. Plan in what I call ‘bounce/squeeze’ lessons, so you can adjust your teaching to your students needs, and move faster or recap when required.
  5. Be realistic, don’t teach a hard topic last lesson on the Friday before Xmas. Plan for fun; this is where science has the advantage as I just set things on fire!

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