Observations by @theprimaryhead

Name: None given
Twitter: @theprimaryhead
Sector:  Primary
Subject: All subjects
Position: Headteacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Observations

  1. Welcome them. Relish the opportunity to have an extra pair of eyes in the room to help you analyse the effectiveness of your teaching.
  2. Ask questions. Make sure that during feedback you contribute. Ask questions about things you tried out or elements that you want to improve.
  3. Ask more questions. Make sure your observer tells you how their ‘suggestions’ will improve your teaching. Ask what would doing x look like over time.
  4. Make them count. If, after the observation, there are things to develop, work out how you’re going to put them into action. Ask the observer to help and come back later.
  5. Observe. Ask to get out of your class and see others teach too. Try to visit other teachers in different schools as well.

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