SLT by @Cherrylkd

Name: Cherrylkd
Twitter: @Cherrylkd
Sector:  Special School
Subject: History
Position: Assistant Headteacher
5 Bits of Advice About: SLT

  1. SLT are not Gods in ivory towers. Do not be afraid of them. Ask their advice on teaching and forge a good relationship.
  2. Listen to the advice from SLT and take it on board. Tell them if they are causing you undue stress, they should help you.
  3. Invite SLT in to watch you teach. Get their requirements for observations right from the very start.
  4. If you think they may be wrong about something discuss it with them. They will appreciate your honesty and thoughts.
  5. Remember they are in charge of your career at the moment. Get their advice on appraisal targets to help structure your career.

One thought on “SLT by @Cherrylkd

  1. jillberry102

    Great advice, Cherryl! Hope all is well with you. Will I see you at Northern Rocks again, if not before? Hope we manage a longer conversation this time….


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