Work/life Balance by @thatboycanteach

Name: None given
Twitter: @thatboycanteach
Sector:  Primary
Subject: All subjects
Position: Assistant Vice Principal
5 Bits of Advice About: Work/life balance

  1. Prioritise – what really needs doing and what can wait? Concentrate on doing one or two things well on any given day – the ones that obviously need doing soonest.
  2. Organise – make time by planning ahead. For example, only set written work if you know you have time to mark it.
  3. Maximise – make the most of the time you’ve got. Using those little bits of time in the day, even just to make one phone call or mark a couple of books, is worth doing.
  4. Collaborate – nurture a good working relationship with other teachers. Ask for help if you need it and see if anyone else has pre-prepared lesson ideas or resources.
  5. Rest – productivity relies on rest. At the same time as planning ahead, you should also think about using the natural breaks – and make the most of them.

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