Classroom Management by Primary8642

Name: Primary8642
Twitter name: None given
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): All subjects
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Class behaviour management  

1: Organize your classroom to limit unnecessary movement by children around the room. Arrange desks in rows with all children facing the front of the class.

2: During periods of transition always explain what is going to happen and what you expect the children to do. Also identify and highlight any verbal cues you will be using .

3: Practise routines such as lining up, coming into class and opening books over and over until they’ve got it. Use playtimes to practise routines if necessary.

4: Insist on 100% compliance from all the class to your instructions. Keep your cues for compliance succinct ‘Line-up’,  ‘Walk’ , ‘Quiet’ etc.

5:  Always ensure the children have something to do, but don’t try to  entertain them. Get them working the second they come through the door, right up until they go home.


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