Reducing Time Spent on Marking by Antony Hattersley

Name: Antony Hattersley
Twitter name: None given
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Primary
Position: Year 5 teacher
What is your advice about? Reducing time spent on marking

1: Don’t try to follow the school marking policy to the letter as this will take away your life. Work smart, instead.

2: Get the children to self-mark and/or peer-mark every single piece of work. Build in 5-10 minutes of each lesson dedicated to this.

3: Use icon marking occasionally. (Instead of writing a next step comment, write a next step icon and the child writes out what the icon means).

4: When you have to write next step comments, write them out really big so that they stand out. I stick in an A4 “Assessment” sheet so that they look more than they are.

5: Do not spend time writing out what the pupils have achieved during the lesson (in pink in many schools). If absolutely necessary, highlight the objective in pink instead.


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