Phone Calls to Parents by @perkins254

Name: Michelle Perkins
Twitter name: @perkins254
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: classroom teacher
What is your advice about? Phone calls to parents regarding behaviour

1: Always start your conversation in a positive way – even if it really hurts!
E.g. ‘Xxxx is usually quite cooperative/focused/attentive, however…’

2: Link your concern to progress: a parent will never argue that they don’t want their child to do well.

3: Never compare the child you are talking about to another in the class: ‘if Xxxx behaved more like Xxxx…’ Remember parents talk to each other!

4: If a parent suggests that their child is mimicking another, tell the parent that you are trying to encourage their child to think for themselves!

5: Always end on a positive, with an offer to follow up in 2/3 weeks. This shows commitment to child’s progress and parents will respond positively.


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