Planning in Primary by @jon_brunskill

Name: Jon Brunskill
Twitter name: @jon_brunskill
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Head of Year
What is your advice about? Planning in primary

1: Don’t reinvent the wheel. There are already great lesson plans/resources for inserting apostrophes or column addition or whatever; use them.

2: Start by thinking about what you’d like the children to know, THEN choose the most effective method activity for them to learn this.

3: Break down any skill that requires more than one step into an algorithm, and explain it in the lesson. Keep it displayed until they don’t need it any more.

4: Work on your subject knowledge. Become an expert in the topic your teaching and ooze enthusiasm and passion in the lesson.

5: Plan in regular multi choice quizzes (children love them) to help you organise which knowledge is most important, AfL, and improve the kids recall of key facts.


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