Supporting a Child With Cognition and Learning Difficulties in Your Class by @Mishwood1

Name: Mary Isherwood
Twitter name: @Mishwood1
Sector: Special school
Subject taught (if applicable): All subjects
Position: Headteacher
What is your advice about? Supporting a child with Cognition and Learning difficulties in your class

1: Consider use of visual prompts to support routines and understanding. Examples are visual timetables; visual equipment mats showing resources for lessons.

2: Labelling of cupboards for resources including photos / symbols where appropriate can support with making resources accessible and promoting independence.

3: Use of minimal language focussing on key words / concepts can support a child’s understanding of information or instructions.

4: Finding motivators appropriate to each child can help with engaging them in their learning  – find a reward to work towards and break learning down into manageable chunks.

5: Remember a lot of good practice for supporting pupils with learning difficulties is good practice for all of your pupils.

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