Cognitive Load Theory by @greg_ashman

Name: Greg Ashman
Twitter name: @greg_ashman
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Teacher / Head of Maths / Head of Research
What is your advice about? Cognitive Load Theory

1: Explicit teaching is more effective than inquiry learning, problem based learning, project based learning and similar approaches when we want students to learn something new.

2: Good explicit teaching is highly interactive because this ensures attention.

3: Worked examples are effective and have been well researched.

4: Consider presenting a worked example and then asking students to complete an almost identical example themselves, rather than presenting several worked examples in a row.

5: “Worked Examples” are not restricted to maths. The same effect has been seen with an annotated Shakespeare play.


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Load Theory by @greg_ashman

  1. Ben

    Would you be able to explain further what you mean by a ‘worked example’, especially with application to subjects other than maths? In no5, for instance, what do you mean by a worked example of Shakespeare?


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