Key Stage 2 Results by Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
Twitter name:
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Key Stage 2 results

1: Don’t treat them as accurate, especially if you don’t teach Maths or English.

2: If the child had a reader, the results will be even less accurate.

3: Baseline assess your students on entry, so you have an argument come performance review time.

4: If it’s a teacher assessment, it’s inflated further.

5: If you don’t teach Maths or English, assume they’ve been taught almost nothing about your subject.


7 thoughts on “Key Stage 2 Results by Anonymous

  1. 1. Why would what subject you teach affect the accuracy of KS2 results?
    2. There may be some truth in that if the child doesn’t have access to reading support in KS3
    3. That sounds to me like trying to cover your own failings. KS2 test results are as good an indicator of later attainment as any other. Why would you (self-evidently biased) assessments be any more reliable?
    4. Hmm… there may be truth in that in some schools. Bit like GCSE coursework 😉
    5. Maybe it’s this assumption that’s leading you to have to cover up your lack of progress by creating your own baseline. Commonly stated thing about transition is the failure of secondary schools to build on primary school learning.

    But apart from that… 🙂

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  2. This post is not sound advice.
    1.Find out what your students have been taught at primary school – absolutely, do this using your own assessments, but make sure you have sample son their work from Y6 too, many students switch off on transfer and under achieve by choice – do your research properly.
    2.Students study a rich and varied curriculum to Y6 and cover a lot of content in different subjects. They may not remember this when you first ask, but a good baseline assessment will find out what they know, understand and can do. BUILD on this, or you are letting your students down.

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  3. If you are a secondary NQT reading this, find some local primary teachers to talk to. You’ll find that the majority will be happy to chat with you and will be very honest about what we do and don’t do in primary school. Or if you want to chat with any of us, ask a question on #PrimaryRocks most of us are very approachable.

    If you are a primary teacher reading this, chill. They are just trolling 🙂

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