Parents’ Evenings by @StuartLock

Name: Stuart Lock
Twitter name: @StuartLock
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths
Position: Headteacher
What is your advice about? Parents’ Evenings

1: Ensure you book in all your pupils’ appointments early. Phone the most likely not to show.

2: Know each parent’s surname to greet them, note it next to the pupil – this starts the meeting professionally. Ensure you know pupils names (see point 1).

3: Take class books to show if you get an argument from a child or parent. Also sit close to head of dept or mentor.

4: No interview should take more than 5 minutes, most 2 or 3. Parents want to know: behaviour, work ethic, progress. If you carry on you’ll repeat yourself.

5: Be honest, brutally if necessary. Parents must hear it as it is, without sugar coating or superfluous words.


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