Twitter for CPD by Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
Twitter name:
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Headteacher
What is your advice about? Twitter for CPD

1: Find out what you can about who you ‘follow’ for advice on Twitter.

2: There are lots of charlatans on Twitter offering advice. Check to see if they are actually good at what they do.

3: Check to see what has been achieved in terms of Ofsted or subject results if possible.  You’d be astonished to see the poor outcomes from some of the biggest Twitter ‘names’.

4: Beware – there are many Twitter accounts which are well followed written by teaching folk who are simply not very good at the job.

5: Twitter and technology can be addictive.  Use it for focused research or fun.  Don’t become one of the many who spend their whole day on it!

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