Using NQT Time by @mrnickhart

Name: Nick Hart
Twitter name: @mrnickhart
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Deputy Head
What is your advice about? Using NQT time

1: Organise (or get your mentor to organise) a colleague or subject leader to be free to do some shared planning or marking.

2: Arrange to watch other teachers, being clear about what you want to see them doing. While watching, have an upcoming lesson of yours in mind to plan in what you’re seeing.

3: Watch someone else teaching your class, focusing on particular children. You’ll notice lots about how they work and in what areas they may need more support.

4: Spend time building relationships with the vulnerable children in your class.

5: Arrange to look through children’s books from parallel classes or year groups above and below. Use these to standardise your expectations of your class’ work.


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