Deploying Technology in the Classroom by @markallday2

Name: Mark Allday
Twitter name: @markallday2
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Computer Science
Position: Director of Learning
What is your advice about? Deploying technology in the classroom

1: Embrace technology to reinforce your classroom practice, not replace it. Use tools that are right for you within your lessons, schemes of learning and classroom environment.

2: Discuss your experiences and findings with others. Sharing what went well and what was a disaster is useful collaboration for you and your colleagues!

3: Have a tool kit of useful applications which you can then deploy in your long term planning or even on the spot as part of a learning episode. See –

4: You do not need to know it all (or even more than your students). This is a common boundary, but it shouldn’t be! Why not involve students in helping you and their peers?

5: Be adventurous and experiment with blended learning, embracing both technology and more traditional teaching methods. Sound planning allows them to concord and not conflict.


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