Teaching Practical Drama by @surrealanarchy

Name: Martin Robinson
Twitter name: @surrealanarchy
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): drama
Position: Consultant/Writer
What is your advice about? Teaching Practical Drama

1: Start with stillness and silence, not until everyone is in this state can the lesson start.

2: Remember all creative work starts with constraints, they focus the mind. Insist on absolute focus from all.

3: Do not begin with group work until the class are extraordinarily self disciplined. Start with solo work and move to pair work.

4: Remember you are teaching the art of theatre, you are not a social worker or a politically correct ideologue.

5: You and your pupils are searching for beauty. You need to teach them taste, discrimination and give them a taste of the sublime.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Practical Drama by @surrealanarchy

  1. John Rainer

    Ooh martin you’re letting your prejudices show a bit in number four; since when could the ‘art form of theatre’ be taught outside a social and ideological context? Divorced from its social function, teaching theatre becomes purely technical/aesthetic- and,
    I would argue, pretty arid. I thought you were in favour of the arts challenging the status quo?


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