Classroom Management by @SarahDrayton1

Name: Sarah Drayton
Twitter name: @SarahDrayton1
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Year 6 teacher
What is your advice about? Classroom management

1: Have folders to store planning, assessments, interventions and any other documents in be organised. You will want it all again around performance management time!

2: Create toolkits – have English and Maths toolkits full of resources for children to use during lessons. These can be built up over time.

3: Try to get all resources and documents ready at the beginning of the week – you will save so much time.

4: Have resources labelled up. This creates independence for children to get what they need and saves time when anything is needed during lessons.

5: Have clear lesson routines – particularly in guided reading. Children will achieve much more in short lessons if they are in routines and used to the way it works.

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