Differentiation Quick Wins by @mrscpaine

Name: Charlotte Paine
Twitter name: @mrscpaine
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): History
Position: Assistant Headteacher
What is your advice about? Differentiation Quick Wins

1: Allow students to choose how they present their work.  More traditional through different forms of writing, or more adventurous formats: debate, artwork, stop animations etc.

2: Group students by using a pack of playing cards.  Issue a playing card to each student and this will dictate which group they work in (by suit or by number of the card).

3: Students can express their ideas as a meme; offer a choice of images & catchphrases, or they can create their own. Variable levels of challenge!

4: Create help envelopes or cards to provide additional information, mark schemes, or exemplar work for students to use if they get stuck rather than just asking you.

5: Get students to explain their thoughts, argument or answer as an equation.  Differentiate to suit; they can use basic functions (+, -) or more complicated (*, / etc.).


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