Mentoring by @leddersmiss

Name: Charlie
Twitter name: @leddersmiss
Sector: Secondary,ITT
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Programme Manager (ITT)
What is your advice about? Mentoring

1: Pin them down! Agree a regular weekly time slot and stick to it.

2: Be proactive and lead the session. Create an agenda based on your reflections from the teaching week.

3: Agree targets/actions at the end of the meeting – preferably SMART targets and agree a review date. It is essential that your mentor is updated on your development goals.

4: Be open and honest but always professional. Don’t be afraid to discuss your stresses and concerns in a safe space.

5: Expect more questions than answers. Don’t expect your mentor to simply tell you what to do – be prepared to work through solutions together and share ideas.


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