Setting Cover Work by @Gwenelope

Name: Gwen Nelson
Twitter name: @Gwenelope
Sector: FE
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Leccturer for A-Level English courses
What is your advice about? Setting cover work

1: Be mindful that whoever covers your classes is unlikely to be a subject specialist; meaning they will not be able to ‘teach’ them like you would.

2: Never set anything ‘new’ in a cover lesson. The class will be bamboozled, the cover teacher foxed and chaos will reign.

3: For both KS3 and 4 classes, set some form of revision activity based on your most recent teaching (within the last week), using knowledge or skills they already have.

4: Email the work to at least 2 people, remember to attach documents and write very clear, step by step  instructions for each teaching group.

5: Assuming you have seating plans, have them readily available in your room, or email them with the cover work, thus giving the cover person a fighting chance with your class.


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