Teaching A-Levels for the First Time by @Gwenelope

Name: Gwen Nelson
Twitter name: @Gwenelope
Sector: FE
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Lecturer for A-Level and GCSE English courses
What is your advice about? Teaching A-Levels for the first time

1: The first thing to own up to is that teaching an A-Level for the first time is scary. You have more to teach, in greater depth to brighter kids.

2: You absolutely must know your specification intimately, because examiners and moderators have a keen eye for rubric infractions.

3: First time round, ask for a section of the course, that you are already confident about. Ask for support with planning your section of the course.

4: Seek advice, resources and sample SoW and lessons from your more experienced colleagues. Planning for A-Level takes far longer than KS3 or 4; you’ll need the help, take it.

5: Teach to the sheep grades (thanks @kevbartle for this) B, A, A*, the students at the lower ability end will rise to the challenge if you let them.


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