Teaching English by @pickleholic

Name: Tracey
Twitter name: @pickleholic
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Headteacher
What is your advice about? Teaching English

1: Set clear behaviour management boundaries which allow you then to take risks in the classroom & embark upon adventurous approaches.

2: Take risks & plan exciting activities that might not go to plan because they might just work! Employ adventurous approaches that are fun; for your pupils & for you!

3: Cultivate your own ideas. Follow the seed of an idea and let your imagination do the rest. Have a crazy idea then plan how you can use it in the classroom.

4: Love the children you teach, especially the ones who are hard to love. Show them you like them & praise them frequently & genuinely.

5: Read the books your children read, read about your craft, read the TES, blogs on Twitter and the newspaper. Make time to read & read silently with your class sometimes too.


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