Behaviour by @Rory_Gribbell

Name: Rory Gribbell
Twitter name: @Rory_Gribbell
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths
Position: Maths Teacher
What is your advice about? Behaviour

1: Children behave badly sometimes.

2: Bad behaviour should be met with punishments.

3: Punishments teach children to take responsibility for their actions.

4: The disruptive behaviour of one pupil in your class is denying an education to 29 others.

5: There are no excuses for poor behaviour.


2 thoughts on “Behaviour by @Rory_Gribbell

  1. misty1515

    I really wish someone had just said these words when I was an NQT, especially Number 5. I lost track of the amount of times the terrible behaviour at my first school was excused and, even worse, blamed on the teacher.

    Look at oldandrew’s posts on behaviour on his battleground blog. They are also very reassuring for new teachers as they will accurately describe the behaviour that NQTs in awful schools are having to deal with. They are reassuring in the sense that NQTs will realise they are not alone and it is not them.


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