Classroom Management by @MrTRoach

Name: Tim Roach
Twitter name: @MrTRoach
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Year 6 & English lead
What is your advice about? Classroom management

1: Always carry several pens. Mark books while still in the lesson for more effective feedback and time-saving.

2: Use your lunch break to mark books or prepare resources; better than dragging them home. What else are you going to do for 45 minutes?

3: Back up planning and paperwork on a USB stick or hard drive. Name them accurately and file them logically.

4: Smile: don’t wait until Christmas. Set rules and stick to them, but above all, foster postive relationships with pupils.

5: Don’t suffer in silence. If in doubt, ask a more experienced colleague, trainee/NQT friend or Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Classroom Management by @MrTRoach

  1. Andrew Percival

    The only change I would suggest is to also back up your data to a cloud storage service. If you lose/break your laptop AND your USB then everything is still safe.


  2. Empower& include your TA to share & set your expectations & classroom management, with Stage-whisper style asides eg : ” Mrs/Mrs X what do you think of X’s behaviour?. Do you think they deserve a Dojo , team point?,… whatever” . As supply teacher find this approach works in bundles. As the teacher, make sure you round off remark to child, be it it praise or reprimand.


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