Primary Pedagogy by Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
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Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Somewhere in a classroom
What is your advice about? Primary pedagogy

1: If you want advice on Primary ask a Primary teacher, don’t worry about what Secondary have to say, they haven’t got a clue.

2: It’s easier to teach one subject in Secondary than ten in Primary.

3: Remember you are a specialist in Primary school, a specialist in teaching Primary children.

4: Primary school is about building relationships, Secondary teachers are really envious of this so they pretend it’s not important.

5: Remember Primary comes before Secondary for a good reason, not because it is lesser but because Secondary can’t happen without Primary coming first.


8 thoughts on “Primary Pedagogy by Anonymous

  1. Most secondary teachers would freely admit to not knowing much about teaching primary. I know more than most having done both. Some things about teaching are pretty general though and not specific to a particular sector or type of school. I see know reason why a secondary teacher couldn’t offer good advice or opinions on those things. Also I know more about Maths and Maths teaching than the overwhelming majority of primary teachers and it is ridiculous to suggest otherwise. When it comes teaching Maths if one of us doesn’t have a clue then it isn’t me…

    If you think teaching 1 subject at Secondary is easier than teaching 10 at primary then why don’t you come and teach my Further Maths lessons? I know I can teach primary. I’ve done it. Not brilliantly but well enough. It isn’t harder, just different. What I would say is that primary teachers have to do more planning.

    All teaching is about building relationships. I’ve never heard anyone pretending this doesn’t matter. Nor have I ever met a secondary teacher that is jealous of primary teachers.


  2. I have always extolled the virtues of the Primary teacher. I have always felt I had much to learn from them. I substituted in primary classrooms and loved the feel of them. I taught middle and secondary for ten years. I have taught at university for ten years. It is all worthy. It is all of a piece. We are all in this together. Having said that I don’t mind the venting that this post represents. What I want to know is there a post that says, “Thanks for letting me vent.” If you don’t feel the need to do that, if you feel you have been given a red card by other teachers who think they are the education referees, then so be it. I know you have a lot to learn and maybe that is the first lesson–you have a lot to learn.


  3. Nice trolling here. Quite bitter about secondary teachers for some reason.

    Being a secondary teacher, and as such having worked with many, I’m particularly confused by number 4. Relationships are massively important and I don’t know any secondary teachers who would argue against it.

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  4. Nice trolling here. You are obviously bitter about secondary teachers but I’ve no idea why. I guess you have your reasons.

    As a secondary teacher I’m very surprised by point 4. Relationships are of the utmost importance and I’m not sure I know any secondary teachers who would argue against that.


  5. Indeed – we could play guess who is the anonymous troller but where would the fun be in that. We teach children not subjects, blah, blah, blah. Usually the kind of teachers who write nonsense like this are not ‘teaching’ much at all, I believe what they mean is appeasing.


  6. Surely the end game for teachers irrespective of being in Primary and Secondary schools; is to teach our children? Ensuring they develop into well-rounded, intelligent and independent young people. Seems these attributes have somewhat escaped the mystery blogger!!


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