Understanding Governance in Your School by @iusher

Name: Ian Usher
Twitter name: @iusher (also @moderngovernor)
Sector: Primary,Secondary,FE,Special school
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Governor
What is your advice about? Understanding governance in your school

1: If you’re in a MAT or academy chain, understand how much say your local governing body has over how your school runs, and what powers are retained by the trust’s board.

2: Find out who is on your school’s governing board. In particular, find out who is a staff governor (besides the head) – talk to them to understand what the governing body does.

3: What difference the governing board has made recently-are they referred to in recent inspection reports? If not, read any available reports from your governing board.

4: Find out about your governors-your school is supposed to publish details of governors online, which should highlight which areas of school life governors are interested in.

5: If you want to impact the strategic direction of the school -become a staff governor! You can bring insight & knowledge & understanding of the school’s community to the board.


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