Foundation Stage by @PATSTONE55

Name: Pat Stone
Twitter name: @PATSTONE55
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Reading Specialist
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Foundation Stage

1: Read, share, re-read, tell 3 stories a day and leave them for the children to get hold of later.

2: Join in play and activities; they will follow you. “I’m putting 4 raisins on my Gingerbread Man” is more effective than random snatches of “How many?’

3: Let the children work big sometimes, most times – big painting, big models, big fat pens, huge paper. Keep some work for them to go back to and talk about as appropriate..

4: It’s OK to just watch sometimes to see what children will do independently. But don’t ever let adults stand around chatting – pretend OFSTED are coming on that one.

5: Have enough of everything so the focus is using it, not waiting to share. Think about how you would feel if you were made to share every new thing as soon as you got it.


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