Getting the Most From Your Training Placements by @JenJayneWilson

Name: Jennifer Wilson
Twitter name: @JenJayneWilson
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: English teacher, middle leader and SCITT mentor
What is your advice about? Getting the most from your training placements

1: Get to know your team. If you’re stuck/shy, bringing in biscuits is a great talking point.

2: Spend more time with your curriculum team through the week than with other trainees. You’ll learn a lot through informal discussions and general camaraderie.

3: Be proactive and look ahead. Arrange times to collect information from colleagues rather than rely on catching them ‘on the run’.

4: Know when to stop and have a break. Don’t get pushed into believing that ‘those who work the most hours are the best’ – it’s not true.

5: Make sure you ask questions, share the highs/lows and reflect honestly on your teaching. We’ve all been there and want to help you grow as a teacher.

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