KS3 Singing by Ed Watkins

Name: Ed Watkins
Twitter name: N/A
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Music
Position: Director of Music
What is your advice about? KS3 Singing

1: Singing at primary schools is generally strong so they arrived primed and ready. Get Y7 singing in a concert in the autumn term.

2: Use it or lose it. After six months with no singing it stops just being something they do and it will take weeks to get it back.

3: Record your classes to help them hear how to improve and use the Audiocopy app. It links directly to Soundcloud so you can make playlists of your class singing every year.

4: Anticipate needing to transpose songs into a different keys for different classes.

5: Everyone loves singing in harmony and it’s a good way to think about/show progression. Gumama is my current favourite with Y7: tinyurl.com/oqqy2y9


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