Planning a Lesson by @AFosterTeach

Name: Andrew Foster
Twitter name: AFosterTeach
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Performance & Learning (previously History)
Position: Head of Performance & Learning
What is your advice about? Planning a lesson

1: Write down how long you will spend planning the lesson before you start. You can always spend more time on any lesson but as time is finite, that doesn’t mean you should.

2: Start with what you want the children to know & understand by the end of the lesson. Get as much detail on this as you can in the time you have allowed yourself.

3: “Why should they care about this?” is a good question to ask of the specific content of your lesson. Know the answer well enough to argue its case convincingly.

4: If your exposition is supported by arresting visual images, your pupils will retain more of it. Gather & incorporate as many of these as you can in the time you have allowed.

5: Recall through testing increases retention. Incorporate low-stakes testing into every lesson to increase learning.


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