Setting Supply Cover Work by @TheModernMiss1

Name: The Modern Miss
Twitter name: TheModernMiss1
Sector: Supply
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Supply Teacher
What is your advice about? Setting supply cover work

1: Don’t leave an overly detailed plan. By the time the supply teacher has read it and worked out what the class are meant to do, someone will have started a riot.

2: Leave a clear plan, identify potential troublemakers in the class and leave sufficient copies of worksheets. Always leave enough work to last the whole lesson.

3: Remember the teacher covering you may not be a subject specialist, so don’t write notes using technical acronyms. Set work that builds on something already taught.

4: “The students know what they are doing and can continue their project work” strikes fear into the heart of a supply teacher. We don’t want an essay, but we do want some clues.

5: Never, ever set a word search as cover for a PE or tech lesson. There will be a riot in the class, the room will be wrecked and the supply teacher will refuse to return.

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