Teaching English by @teacherwithbike

Name: Cycling Teacher
Twitter name: @teacherwithbike
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Teaching English

1: Develop a good understanding of and interest in grammar. Enjoying the subject, and working out how to teach it well, is (perhaps surprisingly) fun.

2: Read. There is no real excuse for being an English teacher who doesn’t read widely and often. (Ditto writing, in any form).

3: Do much of what you ask the students to do: timed essays and ‘creative’ writing especially – & share your work with them. Don’t expect them to do something you can’t/won’t.

4: Prepare age-appropriate answers to the question(s), “Why do we have to study [x]?” Shakespeare, grammar, exam-jumping hoops, etc. Students will ask.

5: You’ll have more marking than many other teachers, so work out efficient, effective and sanity-saving strategies. Good, well-planned lessons + healthy teacher = priority.


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