Behaviour in Tough Schools by @greg_ashman

Name: Greg Ashman
Twitter name: @greg_ashman
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths/Science
Position: Teacher / Head of Maths / Head of Research
What is your advice about? Behaviour in tough schools

1: Poor behaviour can wreck NQTs. If a school doesn’t have a clear behaviour policy then don’t accept a job or leave if you’re already there.

2: Always use a seating plan. Even if nobody else does.

3: Ask a colleague for incidents that have happened and imagine what you would do in that situation. This helps you make quick decisions and highlights what you don’t know.

4: Put these scenarios as hypotheticals to senior staff. Follow sensible advice but if they suggest these scenarios won’t happen if you plan good lessons then leave.

5: Keep detailed records because there will be a lot to track. It also helps when people claim you haven’t followed something up properly.


2 thoughts on “Behaviour in Tough Schools by @greg_ashman

  1. Hugh Nicklin

    Good even for an OQT. (Aged 72) Glad to say I did do most of these things in my Academy, including giving notice after a fortnight and leaving after a month, after Head accused me of being ‘demob happy’ because I arranged a dental appointment during the school day at a time I was not teaching. I would add: name every piece of paper you give out, so that if they throw them on the floor you can pin it to the individual concerned. Also as well as seating plan try to memorise the names before lesson 1 using mnemonic tricks.


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