Coercive Facial Gestures by @jonnywalker_edu

Name: Jonny Walker
Twitter name: jonnywalker_edu
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): All of em
Position: Year 4 Teacher
What is your advice about? Coercive Facial Gestures

1: Slow Eyebrow Raise – Combined with eye contact, this conveys the sense of ‘I’ve clocked you, kid. Enough now.’

2: Fast Eyebrow Raise/Slack Jaw – This gesture implies that the minor transgression just commited, such as a repeatedly rolled pencil, has shocked you out of your flow.

3: Pursed Lips/ Loud Exhale – This combo gets across that you have made your expectations clear, and kids have fallen short. It communicates ‘See what you are doing here?’

4: Tucker dip – inspired by Malcolm Tucker, this should be used sparingly. Lock in eye contact with tightly closed mouth, and slowly tilt your head back, like a cobra.

5: Mad Eyes/ Ghost Watch – When time is ticking, channel the eyes of Homeland’s Carrie Matheson, shoot your eyeline erratically at your wrist and inhale.


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