How Should Students Revise? by @Nick_J_Rose

Name: Nick Rose
Twitter name: @Nick_J_Rose
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Psychology
Position: Leading practitioner for psychology and research
What is your advice about? How should students revise?

1: Practice testing: Use low-stakes tests, quizzes or reviews on a regular basis. Encourage students to test themselves frequently as part of their revision.

2: Distributed practice: Revision over time leads to better recall than cramming. Consider opportunities to revisit previously taught material when planning schemes of work.

3: Interleaving: Consider encouraging students to alternate their practice of different kinds of items or problems when revising rather than sticking to one topic.

4: Elaborative interrogation: Consider encouraging explanatory questioning to promote learning; for example by prompting students to answer “Why?” questions.

5: Self-explanation: Consider encouraging students to explain to themselves how new information is related to known information, or the steps required to solve a problem.


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